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Del. Sid Saab on County Executive Pittman’s Decision to Back Down Unreasonable Regulations on County Restaurants

December 30, 2020: Some good news for our friends and neighbors working in the restaurant industry, after County Executive Pittman backed down on his plan to ban indoor and outdoor dining at county restaurants. This really boils down to common sense. Let me be clear, I feel any decision we make has to always have public health as a top priority. That being said, the science simply does not back up the claims made by County Executive Pittman when he decided he wanted to shut down restaurants to indoor and outdoor dining.While this court fight is finally over, it left behind a path of waste and unnecessary damage. This court fight cost our taxpayers money, county resources, and was a waste of time. Our restaurant owners and employees have already been through hell this year. Instead of having a few days to enjoy the holidays, they endured constant stress, not knowing if they were going to have a job by week’s end. Instead of buying their spouses, sons, and daughters gifts this year, many had to save what money they have to pay the rent or the power bill, in case they didn’t have any more money coming in. The stress they endured is a massive insult on top of the injuries they have already sustained. It is time for all of us to move forward, in a healthy and a safe way, as we turn to 2021. For our friends in the restaurant industry, we need to help them stay afloat, depending on your comfort level. Broadly, we need to work smarter to help prevent inflicting any more unnecessary hurt on our friends and neighbors.

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